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Government Shutdown FAQs


Will I be evicted if the Housing Authority cannot pay their portion of my rent, also known as the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)?

No, it is against federal law to evict a Section 8 voucher holder for nonpayment of the housing authority’s portion of your rent. A housing authority’s failure to pay the HAP to the owner is not a violation of the lease. However, you are responsible for your portion of the rent during the shutdown and must continue to pay it.

I have an eligibility meeting in February, should I go?

Yes, if you have a scheduled appointment, please attend and follow through with all steps of the process as you normally would.

I have an inspection scheduled, will the inspector show up?

Yes, our inspections team and all Madera Housing staff are working regularly scheduled hours.

I just got a voucher, should I even look for a unit right now?

Yes, if you have recently received a voucher, you should be actively searching for a unit and follow all necessary steps as you normally would.

I have a relative on the Section 8 program in another County; what will happen to them?

Every housing authority’s situation is unique to the community they serve. Residents in other areas should reach out to their local housing authority.

I am a landlord, am I going to get paid during the government shutdown?

You will receive your HAP payment for February. HUD funds have not been made available for March; however, due to prudent fiscal management, Madera Housing is able to provide HAP Payments to landlords for the month of March.

I have a new Section 8 voucher holder who wants to rent my unit, if I lease them the unit, will the contract be processed and will I receive the HAP portion of the rent payment?

Yes, new contracts will be processed as normal and HAP payments will be paid as normal. The tenant is required to pay their own portion of the rent, per the contract.